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PetLife is poised to change the paradigm of treatment in veterinary oncology. It is reported that over 50% of dogs and cats living past the age of 10 develop cancer. Last year in the U.S. approximately 13 million families had to face this diagnosis in their beloved companion animals. Our all natural "Vitalzul for Pets™ has a strong scientific basis for the treatment of cancer and offers an alternative to standard chemotherapy, surgery and other invasive treatment that are often as toxic as the cancer itself. Petlife's mission is to provide an affordable solution that also avoids the unfortunate and often deadly side effects of traditional treatment.

Pet life Pharmaceuticals is introducing a new break through pet cancer drug that is anticipated to begin FDA trials in the upcoming months. The drug is an all natural compound. The FDA trials are estimated to take approximately 18-24 months. Petlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a publicly traded company. The stock symbol is PTLF on the OTCQB market. Petlife is a new biotech company developing products to address disease in our companion pets and livestock. Request Information


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A New Generation of Veterinary Nutraceuticals and Medicines

New frontier in pet oncological treatment; based on blue scorpion venom, which has been used for years to treat humans with cancer in many countries.

Vitalzul™ for Pets is a an innovative polarized, potentiated bio-active peptide extracted from the Blue Scorpion (Rhopularus Princeps)
Induces apoptosis on a variety of cancer cells by a pattern of DNA fragmentation
It is based on the same-patented formula of "Vitalzul" used for the treatment of cancer in humans but is amplified through polarization technology

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PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“PetLife” with the trading symbol OTCQB-PTLF) has developed and is launching a new generation of potentiated veterinary cancer medications and nutraceuticals based on the same patented formula and production processes used in the human formulation known as Escozine, a patented extract of Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom. Escozine for human use is currently marketed by a non related company under a separate licensing agreement as a nutraceutical or prescription drug in numerous countries globally. Escozine is marketed as a dietary supplement in the US. Given that the histology (cellular biology) of humans, dogs and cats are quite similar at the molecular level and acknowledging the growing body of preclinical research establishing the effectiveness of Scorpion Venom based therapy ,PetLife has licensed the worldwide rights to formulate, package and market a new product line, "Vitalzul for Pets™".

PetLife's products have shown the potential to prevent and treat cancer and to dramatically improve quality of life and extend the longevity of pets with cancer -- without the harmful side effects of conventional chemotherapy and other traditional treatment programs. Nutraceuticals, food, pet treats and the anticipated registration of an FDA approved drug for the treatment of cancer in animals are all in the works today.

PetLife is building a team of industry leaders with the primary goal of diversifying its core product line. There are many opportunities available in the pharmaceutical space for introducing new and improved drugs to treat the most common diseases facing our companion pets and animals today. PetLife’s mission is to identify, perfect and bring these opportunities to market with the goal of improving the quality of life in our companion animals.

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Scorpion Reservation

PetLife is in partnership with an active and growing scorpion reservation . The reservation is located in the Dominican Republic near the border of Haiti. The land is in excess of 50,000 square meters and is estimated to be able to produce millions of doses to meet current global demand. The Facility will be expanded for greater commercialization as PetLife nears its anticipated FDA approval for its core drug. Other locations for scorpion farming may also be under consideration to diversify and secure the product source in case of a natural disaster.

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Vet Endorsements

October 10 2014

Miami based Veterinarian, Dr. Raul Jimenez describes his feelings about Vitalzul for Pets™

October 26 2014

Santo Domingo based Veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Mendez reports her observational study using Vitalzul for Pets™

November 05 2014

Dr. Joel Beth Mitchell-Navratik supports her ongoing clinical study using Vitalzul for Pets™ with 7 week, time-lapsed X-Rays.

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October 15, 2016

PetLife to present at the MoneyShow Conference in Dallas, Texas October 19-21
PetLife Pharmaceuticals: A Great Private Placement Opportunity in a New Biotech Company

November 03 2014

PetLife Reports Positive Veterinary Clinical Pet Data on Vitalzul for Pets™

Recent Press Release

October 24, 2016

PetLife Pharmaceuticals Announces the Addition of a Seasoned Marketing Specialist and Investor, Mrs. Vyvyan Campbell, to the Board of Directors

October 19, 2016

PetLife Pharmaceuticals Announces the Addition of Dr. Simon Wood PhD as the Company’s new Scientific Officer with plans to expand its Current Portfolio of Veterinarian Drugs and Nutraceuticals

October 17, 2016

PetLife Pharmaceuticals is Pleased to Announce the Completion of the New Company Website

October 10, 2016

PetLife Pharmaceuticals is Pleased to Showcase its New “Vitalzul™ Information Video” along with a Corporate Update

PetLife is excited to release its new Vitalzul™

This product has not been approved by the FDA or the Center for Veterinary Medicine for the treatment, cure or prevention of cancer or any other disease in animals. Currently, Vitalzul is a nutraceutical product and falls under the category of a Dietary Supplement. All testimonies in this video are factual but can only be considered anecdotal . These testimonies may not be representative of a typical response to the use of the product in any individual animal.

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